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MA, Professional Counseling, Psychology

Motivational Psychology Expert

Television and Film Consultant

Strategic Life Coach 
Board Certified Spiritual Life Counselor

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“The wise listen and become even wiser." - King Solomon

Who do the wise listen to? They listen to the experienced mentors and coaches in their lives who can help them   consistently achieve success in life, business and relationships. 

A strategic life coach like me can turn you into a consistent winner by helping you make the tactical changes that will maximize your time.   I'm  Robert Betancourt and  I've helped men and women  get more joy and success out of life for over 25 years.   I'm a world class strategic life coach, mentor and faith based  resource for those who want to  consistently live better, feel better and  achieve their dreams. ​ I will help you take the right steps to achieve your goals and desires quickly and  economically.

​​​​I Make an appointment now and get qualified, experienced  support. I'm an expert in performance, strategic living, business consulting, relationships and  tactical parenting.  

You've got questions-I've got the answers you need.  ​

International Board of Christian Counselors

American Association of Christian Counselors

All darkness is dispelled in light....All problems are dissolved in solutions.


"Who is more foolish...the child afraid of the dark...Or, the adult afraid of the light?"-Navajo Saying

What a  recent breakthrough client stated about Robert Betancourt ​"He is probably the only person in my life to ever offer me practical advice on my anxiety, fears and emotions. He does not bore you with vague suggestions or cliches."


​Strategic Life Coaching, Consulting and Spiritual Life Counseling by Robert Betancourt