"Helped me turn one of the worst days of my life into one of the best days of my life."

"He is probably the only person in my life to ever offer me practical advice on my anxiety, fears and emotions. He does not bore you with vague suggestions or cliches."

"I was having a bad day and I felt so much better after talking with Robert.  He really listened and had solutions to my problems."

"Wow! What an amazing influence with an amazing background. He has given me valuable advice and things to work on in our sessions that have changed my life for the better."

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Testimonials from clients about their breakthrough sessions with  Robert Betancourt

If you're not consistently experiencing  life's best and want to be happier, you really need to change. Start by being  dissatisfied with mediocrity and  think about  what it takes to really enjoy life.. The best doesn't just happen accidentally or automatically. If you don't aggressively start by pursuing  a better and happier life right now, you won't get it. Everything in this  world naturally gets worse if you don't take the right action. Things simply don't get better without consistently making wise moves in life, business and relationships.

Everyone who wants to change their lives for the better could really use a coach  but only the most successful in sports, business and relationships have them. It's time to raise your sights and aim higher. It's time to stop being like most people who are aiming at nothing and hitting that target  every time. Living Better Therapy's world class, strategic life coach, Robert Betancourt, is the coach and the mentor you need to get more out of your everyday life and enjoy the process. He will create a  custom tailored breakthrough plan for you and consistently provide skillful support so that you can  hit all  the right targets and experience life's best.

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