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STRATEGIC CONSULTATIONS : If you need some timely and tactical advice right now and can't wait for an appointment, send an email to livingbettertherapy@gmail.com, providing your mobile number-including country code and the time frame(s) when you will be available for a phone session. Living Better Therapy will send you a PayPal invoice for  a one hour session. Upon payment, we will have Robert connect with you as soon as possible. 

Appointments must be paid for in advance to insure your reserved time. After scheduling your appointment, you will then be directed to a PayPal button that will allow you to immediately pay for your scheduled session. The charge on your PayPal statement will be from Living Better Therapy. You can then just show up for your webcam session on Skype or Google Hangouts. 

Living Better Therapy  by
Robert Betancourt, Motivational Psychology Expert, MA, Professional Counseling
Strategic Life Coach/ Board Certified  Faith Based Counselor
  Practical Coaching and Spiritual Counseling

Online   Strategic Coaching Services and Faith Based Counseling provided here are intended only for adults who wish to receive online coaching or faith based counseling to better manage their lives, relationships, spiritual choices and/or emotions. For all legal purposes, the services provided here  are considered to be provided from the point of origin of the service according to international laws. The site and officers of the site make no representation that services or content available from this site  are appropriate or available for use in other jurisdictions outside of the service provider(s) location. Residents of Malta and other jurisdictions are urged to consult local laws for recent changes. Not all services from this site may be available at your discretion and or the site's discretion- if in your locality  there is incompatibility with  local laws in your country or state that limit your religious freedom as an individual and/or limit your rights due to your gender- including but not limited to your own decision and/or belief  that you are subject to said laws and must abide by them or do not want or cannot exercise religious freedom to get the faith based types of help that you desire. 

Coaching services and/or faith based  advice will be provided to empower you and enhance your life, career, work and relationships through educational coaching sessions. These sessions are designed to help you learn the practical application of spiritual principles in your everyday life. Be aware that the coaching services delivered here are  intended to help you make incremental changes to achieve your goals. Our objective in providing coaching services to you is to help you learn how to  maximize your spiritual resources —including your  will, energy, creativity, courage, faith and determination — to achieve your goals. dreams and God given vision. These coaching services are directive and action oriented and are not meant as  a substitute for secular counseling, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, mental health care or substance abuse treatment, and is not in place of any form of therapy. The services provided here are not a substitute for emergency medical treatment.

Completion  of  service may occur at any time and may be  initiated  by  either   the client   or  the  coach.   A final  session is   recommended; closure is  an important process of creating lasting change. 
"The wise  seek good counsel and become wiser."
​-King Solomon

Online Appointment Scheduling

​​​ Robert frequently serves as a consultant  and featured expert on films and television series and is available to consult on your creative project. 

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You can schedule a strategic coaching, faith based online counseling (see note below), individual coaching or relationship coaching session to be delivered online or by phone for as short as 20 minutes in order to get timely help during a lunch hour or as lengthy as one to two hours depending on your needs.  Just click on the Appointment button .