As kids, we have teachers, sports coaches, tutors -- but as we get older, we often overlook the importance of having a coach for both our business endeavors and our personal lives. 

Having a coach is a vital investment when you're trying to take your business to the next level or advance in your career because the quality of your life is vitally connected to the decisions you make around your business and career.

Working one-on-one with coach and counselor Robert Betancourt will push you to do things you likely would never do on your own. He can help you write and break down your goals and get into the right mindset. He can also push you to think outside the box and take your aspirations to the next level -- on a daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly schedule. Knowing both where you want to be in ten years and what you have to do today are key to reaching success.

Coaching for your group can also be extremely beneficial to your  company or organization. Helping employees find their A-ha! moments, teaching time management and goal setting are only a few of the ways in which group coaching can help your business. Schedule your strategic coaching session