Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts

 Rescuing It Before It Ends 

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It is more important now than ever before, in a time where 50 percent of marriages  end in divorce,  to  seriously  consider investing the time, energy and finances to  pursue wise relationship counsel and marriage coaching. While days are commonly invested by most in internet research to buy a used car, few are willing to research their life and environment in pursuit of the hidden pieces that make one's life and family the best they can be. This should not be so.  One of the most important investments you will ever make is your own family. If you really care about what God cares about, you will improve your home and your world by restoring your relationships. Swiftly. Building a world class marriage  won't just happen but you can make it happen with an experienced, highly skilled and godly strategic marriage intervention coach like me, Robert Betancourt. I  will help you develop and maintain the tools you need to build a better marriage.

First step is my assessment process. It gives you  both the edge to make an upcoming marriage successful or rescue and restore your marriage long after the honeymoon is over.    Key areas that we will explore and evaluate in the assessment include love and intimacy, conflict resolution, communication styles and financial styles. Your completed assessment will then used as material for improvements, goal setting and fine tuning the relationship in the subsequent  intensive 2 hour relationship coaching session (included free with the assessment service) for the special price of only $299, normally the cost of the assessment by itself. One hour marriage and relationship coaching sessions are also available for the low price of only $99.

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